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Which pricing method to choose for development firms in East Africa

Project Pricing Vs. Hourly Pricing I am writing this article from one of the East African countries, Uganda where our headquarters are currently stationed. Having been a part of Vihlix Limited from...

Last Updated Jan 27, 2023 by Admin

Starting a tech startup in Uganda

Being an enterprising nation, many Ugandans venture out into businesses every day a report I once read stated that for every 3 employees 2 have a business registered, it may not be operational but...

Last Updated Aug 28, 2022 by Admin

What is the difference between websites and web applications

“Is it not just a website?”, is a question that we often get when explaining what a web application is to many of our clients that seek software development services. Let us start by defining both...

Last Updated Apr 4, 2022 by Admin

How to send messages to someone without saving their phone number

Used by billions of people to connect with colleagues, friends and family all around the world, Whatsapp is also used to communicate with customers and clients in several businesses but to send mess...

Last Updated Mar 30, 2022 by Admin

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