How to send messages to someone without saving their phone number

Used by billions of people to connect with colleagues, friends and family all around the world, Whatsapp is also used to communicate with customers and clients in several businesses but to send message to a person in WhatsApp one needs to save their phone number in ones contact list first.

It has become more common to want to text someone on WhatsApp for some work or service which is to happen once, say you seek to reach out to a product seller seeking to know the final price of an item or you wish to get back to an inquiring client who may not turn into a customer and you don’t wish to add them yet to your contact list.

There are many scenarios that can come up where one doesn’t want to save a number so as to send it a WhatsApp text, be it privacy reasons, phone storage or convenience. So can this be done, yes, there’s a way in which one can send messages to someone without saving the phone number first

These methods might be indirect, that is, there are several steps one goes through to send a text to an unsaved number.

How to send messages on WhatsApp without saving a phone number

WhatsApp provides an official short link which we can use to send texts to numbers that are not in our contact lists, though this link is not included in the official applications (mobile & web) that’s why most of us might not be aware of it.

Step 1: Open any browser on your smartphone and type the URL “[country-code]phone-number.

Note: You’ll need to enter the phone number along with the country code in place of “phone number” in the URL. Once you add the number, let’s say +965 94140776 the URL should look like this: “

Step 2: Tap enter to open the link.

Step-3: You will now see a green box, which says “Continue to Chat.“ Just tap on it your WhatsApp account on phone will be automatically opened.

Step-4: You will see a new chat window with the phone-number. Now you can send message to the number.

With those steps you can get to start a chat with a number not on your contact list, however there have been several complaints for the link being down several times, this might be due to it being requested several times and not being able to handle all those requests. So the team at vihlix came up with a “localised” solution to this problem.

Start Chat with unsaved number using Just Chat

Just Chat is a mobile application for those of you that want to initiate WhatsApp chats without saving the phone number, filling up your contact list.

Just Chat : Start Chat With Unsaved Number
Just Chat : Start Chat With Unsaved Number

Step 1 : Download the application, by visiting

Step 2 (Option 1): Enter the phone number that you which to chat with starting with country code, and press “Chat

Enter phone number
Enter phone number

Step 2 (Option 2): Scan for the phone number that you which to chat with from an image, this might be a poster, business card, etc.

Scan Image for phone number
Scan Image for phone number

Step 3 (For Option 2): Select among the discovered number(s) that you wish chat with and press “Chat

Discovered Phone Numbers
Discovered Phone Numbers

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